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About Us

About Us

At Strategic Visionaries we utilize a solution that breaks down goals into manageable steps that are tied to values. We work through a tool called The Breakthrough Catalyst. We work diligently together to tie your values to your goals. And let’s face it…when goals are tied to values – stuff gets done!
We do this by:

  • Removing roadblocks that impede the vision
  • Identify the areas of opportunity to change money behaviors
  • Keep on plan through support, education, and advocacy

We walk the talk every step of the way with our clients.

We are a company that creates sustainable change in our clients' money stories. 

Meet Our Team

Whitney Emanuel



Whitney Emanuel has been a financial adviser for 8 years. She began at Ameriprise Financial and branched off on her own to start Strategic Visionaries in 2016. She took an even bigger leap at the beginning of 2019 to leave the big-box...

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Linda Royce

Executive Assistant


Linda Royce is the Office Manager and Executive Assistant at Strategic Visionaries. Linda has a long history of office management, accounting and bookkeeping. She has worked in a variety of industries, including construction,...

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Zurisadai "Zuri"

CEO in Training

Zurisadai, also known as Zuri, she loves to call herself the office assistant. She is a future CEO in the making following her mother's lead. She loves to play, read, sing, dance and have fun. She loves her family. 

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