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Are you thinking about your financial future?
Looking for a sustainable portfolio to reach your money goals?

Strategic Visionaries is a company that creates sustainable change in client’s money stories. Sustainable financial planning is what we do.

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<strong>What We Offer</strong>

What We Offer

Looking for a customized financial solution?

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<strong>About Us</strong>

About Us

Woman-owned, family focused, and hardworking.

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<strong>Our Values</strong>

Our Values

We want our client goals to align with their values.

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Contact Us

Could your money story use a few edits or a re-write?

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“I am passionate about activating clients on their life journey. As a woman business owner in the financial industry, I am embracing my own story of financial meets fashion everyday as I creatively live my brand. If you are looking to re-create your money story, I look forward to helping you make that dream a reality.”

– Whitney Emanuel, CEO, CFP®, CRPC®.

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